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Below is a correspondence to Moe Duffy from the MIAA. Please read if you are interested in attending please let Moe know by email @ 


Dear Baseball Board Leaders, Assignors and/or Commissioners,


In an effort to further understand the state of Game Officiating in Massachusetts, the MIAA Game Officials Committee has recommended and developed a roundtable discussion series for our sponsored sports.  We have scheduled all baseball officiating leaders to meet with us on Tuesday, November 14th from 4:00-6:00pm at the MIAA Office in Franklin (33 Forge Parkway).


The goal of these meetings will be to gather the thoughts and ideas of officials “from the field”.  Using your leadership or assigning position, we expect you will be able to represent your officials and discuss the conditions of your sport.


As a request to you as board leaders, we would also like your help notifying assignors and commissioners of the leagues.  Since we don’t have all of their direct contact information, please reach out and invite them to the discussion.


Discussion points:


1)      How is your current enrollment of officials?  Increasing or decreasing?

2)      What are some ideas you may have to increase the pool of officials?

3)      Tell me about the conditions of your work?  Positives and negatives?

4)      What are your greatest difficulties as a _________ (sport) official?

5)      What is most satisfying about being an official?

6)      What other sportsmanship messages might support game officials?

7)      What aspects of the job entices people to become an official?  How best to get that information out?

8)      What more can our schools/Association do to “validate” the work you do?

9)      What other supports might you find valuable?

10)  Other?


The meetings are planned for two hours here at the MIAA office in Franklin.  It is our plan to meet with each of the sports and then offer the feedback to the Game Officials Committee at a future meeting.  This information will help the GOC support your efforts and that of your constituents.


Along with myself, Phil Napolitano will try to attend the meetings.  Additionally, our GOC chairperson Elizabeth McAndrews, principal of Amesbury High School may attend some of the meetings.


In order to organize many meetings, we have selected a date and time for your sport.  We certainly understand possible conflicts but hope that you will be able to accommodate this schedule as we need to arrange multiple sports and multiple evenings for all.


Please RSVP to Phil Napolitano ( with how many are attending from your board leadership.  If you forward this invitation to an assignor or commissioner, please ask them to RSVP as well.


Thank you again for all that you do for our schools and most importantly for the game officials you represent each and every day.


We look forward to our meeting.  On behalf of Chair McAndrews, Phil and all of our GOC members, thank you for working to accommodate this roundtable discussion.





Richard L. Pearson

MIAA Associate Director

Game Officials Liaison

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