South Shore Umpires Association By-laws and Constitution

South Shore Umpires Association By-laws and Constitution




The organization shall be known as the South Shore Umpires Association. The organization operates within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


Section 1. To promote the game of baseball by a uniform interpretation of the rules of baseball.

Section 2. To safeguard the integrity of the game and promote sportsmanship by way of training and instruction of this organization’s members.

Section 3. To establish trust and respect for individuals who umpire baseball games by training officials to recognize and respect the interests of players, coaches, administrators and fans associated with every league organization and school that is serviced by this organization’s members.

Section 4. To provide a proper forum for the purpose of open exchanges of ideas among the members of this organization.

Section 5. To provide competent, knowledgeable, qualified individuals to administer the rules of the game in a fair and impartial manner thereby instilling confidence in the integrity of the game by the general public and all players, coaches and league and/or school administrators.


Section 1. Persons of good character and possessing other qualifications, as this organization shall require, may be afforded the opportunity of applying for membership regardless of their sex, race, or ethnic origin. This organization encourages equal opportunity for its members ages 18 years and above.

Section 2. Application shall be made to the membership committee for a training course as established by this organization’s rules interpreter followed by a written exam as administered under the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association guidelines. This organization’s officers and board members will establish course fees and exam fees.

Section 3. If the written exam is passed and the applicant is accepted, then the course fee and exam fee will be applied to the members first year of this organization’s dues.

Section 4.
Regular Membership. Active members who retain good standing in the Association in accordance with the requirements set forth.

Transfer of Membership. A member in good standing of a duly recognized M.B.U.A. board or other such organization deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee who for geographic or personal reasons desires to transfer membership to this Association. Acceptance of transfer credentials is subject to a majority vote of the executive board.

Inactive Membership Those members who choose not to officiate and so declare in writing to the secretary of the association. Inactive members of the association may take part in all non-officiating activities of the association. Attendance at meetings is not required. Payment of discounted annual dues of $40.00 is required.

Honorary Membership This category is reserved for individuals who have distinguished themselves in the interest of baseball. Such membership is attained subject to the majority vote of the Executive Committee. An honorary member shall not have the right to vote or the obligation to pay dues.

Suspended Membership. A member of this association in violation of Article 4. Section 1 of this constitution who has been duly notified of such offense by the Secretary Treasurer.
Term of Membership. Applicable membership status is renewable yearly by meeting all pertinent provisions set forth in this constitution. Honorary members are not subject to yearly renewal of membership.


Section 1. Dues of this organization shall be paid on or after November 1. Should the dues not be paid by December 1 , a late fee of $5.00 shall be imposed for a period of 30 days past due. After 30 days, January 1, the late fee will increase to $5.00. In no case shall the late fee exceed $15.00. Any member that is in suspended status must pay a reinstatement fee of $20.00.

Section 2. If a member fails to pay the dues plus any late fees that may apply, said member shall NOT be given a schedule of games until payment and late fees are made.

Section 3. Dues of this membership shall be established by the executive committee and voted and approved by the organization’s board of directors.


Section 1. Meetings of this organization will be scheduled so that the first meeting will be held no later than March 1st.

Section 2. There will be at least 5 (five) membership meetings. Members of the organization must must attend a minimum of 3 (three) meetings.. Notification of meetings is to be made to all current active members at least 30 days prior to the first meeting.

Section 3. There will be at least 2 (two) Board of Directors meetings held annually prior to any membership meetings being held. Any other official meetings will only occur as called for by the President.


Section 1. A quorum consists of a 25% in good standing at any meeting. Executive Board shall consist of at least 7 members. No action taken at any meeting where a quorum does not exist may be considered binding.

Section 1. Elected officers of this organization shall be President, Vice-president, Secretary/Treasurer, Assignor, and ALL Board of Director Members. The term is for two years and each member may succeed himself.

Section 2. Board of Director Members shall consist of (one) 1-5 year member, (one) 6-10 year member, (one) and 11-or more year member, (2) at-large members. Terms for these positions are described above in Art.7-1.

Section 3. Appointed individuals to head up committees will be done so as determined by the Executive Committee and appointed by the president with approval by said Executive Committee.

Section 4. The Executive Committee shall consist of the president, vice-president, secretary/treasurer, and board members.

Section 5. A grievance committee shall be appointed by the president whenever necessary to hear and decide all formal complaints against any member of the organization regarding any allegation of improper conduct or incompetence. The committee shall consist of a chairperson, and two other members who are not elected officers of the organization.

A. Any member against whom a formal complaint has been lodged shall receive, by certified mail, return receipt requested, a written notice of the complaint signed by the chairperson, which specifies the nature of violation. The notice of complaint shall inform the member of their right to a hearing.

B. At the member’s option, any member charged with a violation shall have the right to be heard either in person or in writing. A member shall be entitled to an in-person hearing provided such request is made 14 days prior to the hearing. This request is to be made in writing to the grievance committee chairperson. In all cases, the president shall be made aware of all complaints and hearings and will be allowed to be present at all hearings.

C. Should a member be found guilty of a violation, the grievance committee shall recommend to the president any fines, reprimands, periods of probation, or any combination thereof is imposed on such member. The president will hand down such penalties.

D. The Appeals board shall be the Board of Directors and will be chaired by the board member with the longest tenure with the organization. The appeals board shall have the authority to vote to affirm the decision of the imposed penalty, or revise the penalty, or set aside the decision of penalty. The decision of the appeals board shall be FINAL.

Section 6. The Executive Committee shall determine and set all dues for the members of the organization.


Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization. He shall discharge all duties that are imposed on him by the constitution and its bylaws, and impose any necessary penalty prescribed herein. He shall be responsible for the overall supervision and management of the affairs of this organization.

Section 2. The Vice-president shall preside in the absence of the president and assume all duties of the president. He shall also perform all duties assigned to him by the president. The vice-president shall automatically succeed the president for the remainder of his term when the then current president, either voluntarily or involuntarily, no longer holds the position.

Section 3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be the custodian of the organization’s funds. The secretary/treasurer shall render to the membership at the first meeting of the organization, a written financial report that would show current financial accounts and overall financial state of the organization. He/She will have care and custody of all official records and papers of the organization. He/She shall receive all dues, fees, fines and assessments and make such payments as directed by the president under the constitution and bylaws. He/She shall also perform all other duties ordinarily associated with a nonprofit organization.

Section 4. The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to act as a liaison between the general membership and the elected officers of the organization. The principal responsibility will be to promote and protect the interests of this organization.


Section 1. Amendments may be made to the organizations constitution or bylaws by a two-thirds vote of the active members present provided that such proposed amendment be presented in writing and read to the membership at a previous meeting


Section 1. Except as expressly conferred by the constitution or the bylaws of this organization pertaining to the management of the organization, no officer or officers of this organization may settle any business of the organization until either the president or an authorized chairperson and committee have submitted their report to the organization, and the issue has been voted upon by a majority of the active members present.

Section 2. Any member of this organization who engages in any conduct, which has a detrimental effect on the organization as, determined by the grievance committee shall be subject to any of the penalties, which the grievance committee is authorized to impose. If a member is either suspended or expelled from the organization, the administrators of ALL appropriate baseball organizations and leagues shall be notified of the suspension or expulsion.

Section 3. Any member of this organization who officiates a ballgame under the jurisdiction of this organization for less than the minimum established fee for such ballgame without the approval of the president or his designated representative shall be removed from the membership as active.

Section 4. Any member failing to comply with the required attendance and financial obligation provision of this constitution shall be subject to fines and suspension from the association.

Right of Appeal. Each member shall be entitled to appeal, in writing, any decision affecting his/hers membership, which may have been rendered, by the Executive Committee or the association membership. Such appeal must be received by the Secretary Treasurer of the association within (30) thirty days. Decisions affecting a member’s membership status must be provided upon determining of a decision.

Section 5. Any reasons for failure to attend such meetings by members must be submitted in writing to the president and secretary/treasurer for review.

Section 6. This organization is affiliated with the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association (MBUA) and as such, is bound to wear the official uniform as adopted by the MBUA. Each member should possess the proper equipment and uniform clothing and maintain it in a neat and serviceable condition. Any member who willfully neglects to dress as the rules of this organization specify shall be penalized in accordance with the organizations schedule of infractions, fines, and penalties.

Section 7. A member of this organization may not accept any assignments from an outside assignor (not a member of this organization) without the proper written consent by the president and board of directors.

Section 8. No officer or member of any committee shall engage in the unethical practice of soliciting members of other organizations for the sole purpose of monopolizing a geographical territory.

Section 2
The Vice President will be responsible for establishing the education program for the existing membership. The Vice President will be responsible for creating the annual veteran’s exam.

Section 9. No member of this organization may participate in any official capacity with any person or persons who are not members of the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association.

Section 10. At the annual meeting held in the year when terms for elected officials expire, the president shall appoint a nomination committee. The secretary/treasurer shall prepare a written list of the names of all members who have been nominated for a particular office. Nominations shall close 14 (fourteen) days prior to elections. The nomination committee will perform the recording of election votes.

Section 11. All proposed expenditures exceeding $999.99 must be be approved by a meeting of the Executive Committee prior to a vote of the membership.


Section 1. If any provision of the foregoing constitution and/or bylaws is inconsistent with the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association constitution and/or bylaws, the state bylaws will the take precedent over this organizations constitution or bylaws.


Section 1. To the fullest extent permitted by law, members of this association hereby acknowledge and agree that they shall indemnify, hold harmless and defend the South Shore Umpires Association, and any and all of their officers, directors and members from and against all claims, damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to, attorney’s fees arising out of or resulting from the performance of a member.

Section 2. All members agree that these By-Laws and Constitution are legally binding and agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the South Shore Umpires Association members, all of their officers, and directors from any loss resulting in a personal injury traveling to a contest, officiating a contest, or traveling from a contest.

Section 3. All members agree to these Rules and Regulations set forth by the South Shore Umpires Association and shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the South Shore Umpires Association, their officers, and directors from any claims, damages, losses and expenses resulting in penalties that may be assessed to member for failing to abide by the rule and Regulations as outlined in the South Shore Umpires Association By-laws and Constitution dated 5/5/2004.

Section 1. This Constitution shall be binding on the membership of the Association. To the extent that the provisions of this constitution may not contemplate any given situations, the actions of the majority of the association regularly assembled shall be controlling.

Section 2. The business of this association shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of this constitution and under the rules of parliamentary procedure as described in Roberts Rules of Order (revised). In case of conflict, the rules and regulations of the association and the provisions of this constitution shall prevail.

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