REF Pay/Arbiterpay Instructions

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A member took the time to format instructions for REF-Pay I think it would be a good read!

Step 1 – Go to
Step 2 – Top right hand corner there is red box “sign up today “ it says , click the red box
Step 3 – follow the directions and provide your  information to ref pay , name address email etc
very important piece here is you MUST use the same email address for RefPay that you use for your arbiter account . The systems are linked together and it will automatically merge your arbiter account And RefPay together . Once established you will be able to see your Arbiterpay balance each time you log into

Step 4 – once you complete step 3 your Arbiterpay is active and you can begin receiving payments for games worked . On you will need to click “profile” on the right and hand side and click “bank accounts “here you can add your bank information and transfer money directly from your RefPay account to your personal bank account (RefPay also has the option where they will mail you a check if you prefer that method as opposed to direct transfer.

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